And we thought Irish mammies were bad.

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Images via Towson University Police

Police in the US are looking for a meddling mother who keeps asking people to date her son.

The unidentified woman has been tirelessly trying to find that special someone for her baby.

Police at Towson University in Maryland have warned female students at the college about her behavior.

According to Metro, the campus police recently released an ‘incident advisory’ asking for help to identify the woman. They claim that she has been trawling the university library looking for a date for her son.

The mother is in her 50s and was spotted approaching students in two buildings on campus.

Police in the university say she has shown several women a picture of her son on her phone and asked would they consider dating him. They say she’s not wanted for a criminal investigation. However, police are eager to find her so they can ask her to stop.

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