And most respondents call their mums 4 times a week.

OnePoll study of 2,000 adults has revealed that 73 per cent feel like their mums because they share many of the same qualities.

While on the other hand, just a fifth of all adults say they’re the “complete opposite” of their mothers.

Those who took part in the survey had to list both the similarities and differences they share with their mothers.

Just over seven in 10 believe they have similar personalities to their mums, according to

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Half of participants believe they share the same sense of humour, hobbies, parenting styles, and political views.

When it comes to work-life, almost half of respondents reckon their career choices are different to their mothers’.

Despite that, 42 per cent still went into the same career field as their mother.

Despite any differences, people definitely show they value their mum.

Two-thirds give their mum the credit for influencing them and turning them into the person they are today.

And 76 per cent said they still go to their mum for advice.

While over two-thirds of people said they call their mother an average of four times per week.