Table manners are out the window

A new trend doing the rounds on TikTok has us questioning whether it’s genius or disgusting.

‘Messy dinner’ involved getting rid of plates, and sees food being dumped straight onto the table, with the household digging into a steaming pile of loose food.

How does that sound? Disgusting? Well, here’s how it looks:


Not sure we will do it again but was fun 😝 #momofboys #messydinner #momlife #fyp #foryourpage #viral #momof3 #dinnertime #funmom

♬ Come Dine With Me Theme – TV Theme Tune Factory

People who do the trend typically cover the table in clingfilm or some kind of cover, but surely that doesn’t stop food from sliding off and onto the floor.

One major benefit is a whole lot less washing up, but aside from that, we’re not sure if it’s that worth doing.

Considering the famous phrase ‘we eat with out eyes’, a messy dinner is definitely not an appetizing sight.


Messy dinner was a win, they ate more than usual🥰 #fyp #messydinner

♬ Come Dine With Me Theme – TV Theme Tune Factory