Know someone who could sleep all day?

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Have you just finished your weeks work in a job that you hate? Or is your working week only starting on a Friday evening when you wish you could relax?

If so, we’ve got the details on a dream job for you.

A luxury crafted bed company, Crafted Beds, are now taking applications for a mattress tester. The new role will see some lucky individuals try out a new mattress each week and rank them in terms of comfortability, report.

The testers will need to stay in bed for 37.5 hours per week and get paid £24,000 (that’s around €28,500) per year for what could be described as the best job in the world.

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Brian Dillon, Marketing Manager at Crafted Beds, said:

“We’re extremely excited to launch this role as customer satisfaction means the utmost to us.

“Whilst we have glowing reviews from our existing shoppers, we want to ensure that this continues, and hiring a mattress tester is a part of this strategy. This role will be an integral part of the Crafted Beds team.”

Each week the mattresses will be delivered to you at home so no sitting in traffic each day.

There is a slight downfall though. The tester is required to test the bed alone with no disruption so no cuddle buddies will be allowed during working hours. UK residents are also more likely to be selected for ease of delivery of the mattresses.

If you would like to apply for this dreamy, cosy job where you uniform is your pyjamas click here.