The government is asking the National Public Health Emergency Team to reconsider the cap on the number of people attending religious services

It follows criticism from the Catholic Archbishop of Dublin, who said as few as one per cent of people would be able to attend mass in some parishes.

It comes as no further deaths from Covid-19 were reported today, and 6 new cases were confirmed.

Next Sunday will be the last Sunday when religious services won’t be allowed at churches and other places of worship.

Up to now, the pandemic had limited them to opening for private prayer only.

From Monday the 29th, groups of up to fifty people will be allowed to gather for prayer.

That limit is due to rise to a hundred three weeks later, on the 20th of July.

But there’s been criticism from the Catholic Archbishop of Dublin Dr Diarmuid Martin, who’s called the measures “strange and disappointing”.

He says with some churches large enough to hold 15-hundred in normal circumstances, they should be able to hold more than the current limits even with strict social distancing.

Now A government spokesman says “large churches can accommodate many more than 50 or 100” — and it’s asking officials NPHET to reconsider.