Love Island is over – but the drama lives on

There are plenty of people out there glad to see the back of Love Island for another season, but for those invested in the characters of 2022, there’s still plenty to get your teeth into.

Eyebrows have been raised after one Twitter user compared some of the finalists firsts Insta post since the show’s finale on Monday.

It turns out, most of the female finalists opted for their final couple photo from the show – bar one.

Indiyah posted her pic with Dami, Tasha’s was with Andrew, winner Ekin-Su posted her with Davide, but Gemma, made it to the final with controversial character Luca.

We know from the ‘meet the parents’ that Gemma’s folks weren’t too keen on Luca due to his behaviour on the show – but could this signal and end to their relationship?