A video of Lewis starting his new role as an ASOS employee is taking social media by storm

Other fashion sites better watch out because ASOS has a new Creative Director in town.

And he has many other talents – one of them is that he’s a mega superstar singer.

ASOS invited Lewis Capaldi into their offices to direct a new “edit”.

Image via ASOS

The singer takes the viewer through the offices in a persona that channels Anna Wintour.

Later in the behind-the-scenes footage, we see the Someone You Loved singer give direction to the models on a photoshoot.

He tells one of the models to give the emotion of “I was on a Hinge date, but she hasn’t arrived.”

Another model successfully managed to appear happy about receiving a tax rebate, as per the singer’s highly specific creative vision.

As he says himself it’s all very Devil Wears Prada!

Image via ASOS

Lewis explained in the video that “Generally, I hate being in front of the camera. I’m not actually a model, although I’ve been mistaken for one, of course”. 

“I’m much more of a behind-the-camera kinda guy. I don’t do it often, but when I do, the magic happens. When you’ve got it, you’ve got it, you know?”

Eagle-eyed shoppers have also noticed Capaldi hiding in the background of various photos on the ASOS site, and his stint as a creative director has left the internet in stitches.

You can check out Lewis’ poses here 

If only Lewis Capaldi could call into every workplace to bring a bit of craic!

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