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79 per cent of people want a junk food advertising ban on TV extended to 9pm.

The Irish Heart Foundation says marketing unhealthy food at children has to end, in order to protect their health.

The “Stop Targeting Kids” campaign is calling for the government to introduce promised legislation to end the practice.

Britain’s Bite Back movement is supporting the Irish Heart Foundation’s appeal.

The youth-led organisation believes every young person deserves access to nutritious food, no matter where they live.

Spokesperson Christina Adane says children are overwhelmed with advertising:

“We are absolutely bombarded by junk food marketing. Bombarded by 15 million ads per year, which equates to 500 ads per second.

On our walk to school, we’ve got street advertising telling us to eat burgers, we come out of school, there’s the option for junk food right there. We go on our phones, it’s in our social media feeds, it’s in our emails”.