The former X Factor winner is back with a breakup song.

James Arthur has released his latest single, Empty Space.

The singer-songwriter says the track is “for anyone who has ever deeply loved and lost someone dear to them”.

James is known for wearing his heart on his sleeve when it comes to songwriting and has penned many emotional tunes.

The 30 year old spoke to iRadio about how he writes such raw, heartbreaking music:

“I think I just have to try and speak from my experience. You know, it’s something I’ve dealt with a lot in my life, is loss in one form or another.”

“I think it begins with denial and trying to block out those things, and as the song progresses I just start dropping the truth bombs and the honesty kind of comes through.”

“Yeah I’ve dealt with that a lot. Whether it’s in relationships, not just romantic relationships, but with family you know. I think it’s something everyone can relate to and that’s what I’m always trying to achieve with my songs.”

James also chatted to Garry and Fionnuala about being open about his mental health and how he’s in a really good place.

Listen to the full interview below: