Paddy McFlaherty is a drinking, fighting, potato eating Irishman

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A new mascot for Ireland has been revealed at the Irish Emigration Museum.

Going by the name of Paddy McFlaherty – he is a drinking, fighting, potato eating Irishman.

It sounds like a stereotype from times gone by but no that’s how other nations still see us.

The Daily Mail reports that’s how other countries see us according to google analytics.

Paddy has been created by the EPIC museum in Dublin to challenge pre-conceptions about Irish people.

The highest ranking suggestions when people ask what the Irish are known for were:

  • drinking with 85m searches
  • 78m searches for fighting
  • And 67m for potatoes

The result designed by content-house Pirahna Bar was Paddy.

Paddy McFlaherty has a big belly, red hair and a t shirt that says I love potatoes.

Check out Paddy in full below: