Reuben Keeney from Letterkenny, Donegal presents Outhouse Radio, every Saturday from 9.50-11.50pm on iRadio. He’s only 26 & has had quite a successful career, which he started when he was just 12 years old.

In the last year or so, he created a New Alias ‘Rebuke’. In the past few weeks, he’s supported Deadmau5 for his Irish Gigs, Alan Fitzpatrick & The Chemical Brothers in 3 Arena, and also played at the Irish Elrow Gigs a few weeks back.

He’s had releases on Toolroom, DFTD to name but a few, and his latest song ‘Along Came Polly’ has been released with Hot Creations.

You can see Reuben play it at Houseworks Festival in Cork about 2 months ago

Jamie Jones is the Label owner of Hot Creations & was the only other DJ to have the track for months. Jamie had been hammering the track right around the World & many other DJ’s were asking ‘what is that track? and wanted to get their hands on it.

It was released just over a week ago and has since topped the Beatport Charts (making it the Biggest Track in the World at the moment in the Dance Music Scene).

You can get the Track HERE

or read more about Outhouse Radio HERE


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