Love it or hate it but Zoom is very much part of the furniture now.

And that means job interviews are being held on the platform more and more.

Now, you might be one of those people who dreads the in-person interview so Zoom is perfect for you.

Or you might just like the fact that you can wear PJ bottoms during an interview and no one’s the wiser.

But, for a lot of people the tech side of Zoom can cause big nervous energy.

So, here are some tips we have for you to smash that Zoom interview and become a pro!

Let’s say you’ve already done all the usual interview prep, like researching the company, getting familiar with the responsibilities of the role, etc.

What you need to focus on now is acing the Zoom part!

Make sure you have the app downloaded ahead of time, just to save any last-minute panic.

Get a good headshot on your account and make sure your username is appropriate, as this is often what they’ll see before your smiling face.

I know we said earlier that no one would know if you had the pj bottoms on, but you will.

We’d recommend dressing the way you would if it were in person: from head to toe.

It’ll just get you into the right mindset for it, and boost your confidence.

For the techy stuff, we’d suggest setting up a private meeting yourself beforehand.

This is so you can check your background, but also to test out the sound.

A handy trick we sometimes use is to record a bit of the meeting with yourself and watch it back!

You’ll be able to see exactly what they’ll see and know then how you’re coming across.

When you log into the real Zoom meeting, make sure you’ve no extra tabs open that could pop up with notifications.

That goes with whatever device you’re using: no distractions allowed!


And last boring tip is to charge that battery fully!

After all that, it’s just about listening, being confident and selling yourself!

Best of luck!!