Geminis are getting a bad rap…

We all have one, but we may not necessarily care about them.

We’re talking zodiac signs.

They’re labels as such, based on the date you were born.

Well, anyway, a study was done recently including 2,000 people.

It asked them to think about their relationships, and consider their experiences and then cross-reference with their ex-partners’ zodiac signs.

And it’s bad news for Geminis…

The study found that a third of Americans refuse to date a specific astrological sign ever again… with Geminis topping the list.

For anyone who needs confirmation – Geminis are born between May 20th and June 21st.

We’re not all in the clear though – as there’s four signs following close behind.

Cancer, Taurus, Aries and Leo are also considered somewhat “undateable”.

The survey was done by OnePoll on behalf of Diamondère.

And it found that nearly half (48%) of respondents say they often consult their horoscope for advice on their romantic life.

Not everyone fully follows astrology though, with the majority of respondents (62%) saying they believe that their relationships are unique don’t fit a certain mould.

Here’s the rankings of star signs with #1 the most undateable:

  1. Gemini – 42%
  2. Cancer – 37%
  3. Taurus – 36%
  4. Aries – 34%
  5. Leo – 31%
  6. Virgo – 28%
  7. Scorpio – 24%
  8. Libra – 22%
  9. Sagittarius – 17%
  10. Capricorn – 16%
  11. Aquarius – 10%
  12. Pisces – 7%