Be honest, how many have you misused?

Today is World Emoji Day.

As a brief explainer, emojis are used as a way to say something that words may not express quite so well in texts, tweets and so on.

But apparently many of us often misuse and misinterpret emojis, using some of them whatever way we like.

Here’s some of the most misused emojis according to the Hive Agency:

#1 ?

Means that something is hilarious, but is often used to demonstrate disgust or dislike.

#2 ??‍♀️

is often used when someone’s being sassy, or if they’re showing off a new hairstyle.

But it’s actually meant to show a woman tipping her hand as if she’s carrying a tray of drinks.

#3 ?

is often used when someone is sad, but is meant to show confusion.

#4 ?

is used to show excitement and happiness, but is actually meant to be reaching for a hug.


#5 ??‍♂️

This emoji doesn’t represent dancing or cheering, but is actually gesturing that you’re okay.

And #6 ?

Now we think we’ve used this one right.

Although some people use it to express sadness, but it’s actually expressing exhaustion.

So, do you think these are right?

Or are you standing by your old ways?