iScore has the lowdown on the big year the league has had.

The Women’s National League is the top-level league for women’s association football in the Republic of Ireland.

The league will wrap up next weekend after a competitive eight months.

Here on iRadio’s iScore, Caradh caught up with Galway WFC player Emma Starr – Listen here:

They chatted about her return to the team and the improvements she has seen for the team and the league in general.

Starr said she has noticed big strides for the league especially in terms of exposure.

The US-born footballer has said that she’s delighted women’s football is getting a bigger push on social media and more efforts to increase supporter attendance at matches.

“You can definitely tell the strides that the club and the league as a whole are trying to make, with exposure and getting people to games and promoting it on social media,” Starr said.

Starr also commented on the recent appointment of Ruth Fahy as CEO for Galway WFC.

Fahy became the first female CEO in the Women’s National League.

Starr said, “I think it’s huge. It’s a step in the right direction for women’s football in general and the club.”

Starr is optimistic about Galway’s chances next season but has also said the league itself is getting better.

“I think the league is only getting better, more competitive,” Starr said.

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