The attention to detail is next level.

We get it – weddings can be stressful, and the couple just wants everything to be perfect.

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But there’s probably not too many that’d write a whole list of rules and guidelines for guests to follow.

Well, one couple didn’t want to take the chance on a wedding that was less than perfect.

So they wrote a list of VERY specific guidelines for guests to follow.

Someone has shamed the couple on Reddit’s ‘Wedding Shaming’ forum – but they’re not named of course.

When we say specific we mean “no rubber bands on your wrist” specific.

They’re also asking people to not wear “Old Navy” flip flops.

So if you’ve any other brand of flip flops, then you’re all good.

Speaking of branding – they’re also no fans of apple watches.

So make sure you get your regular old watch out – because you’re actually not allowed your phone if you’re at the head table.

Here’s the full list of apparent “Dont’s”:

People are a bit divided about it – some think fair enough, it’s their day.

One person said “Well you have to keep it classy!”.

While another commented, “I think no phones during speeches at the head table is a perfectly acceptable rule”.

But some were not fans at all:

On the “no glow sticks”, someone responded, “some ppl are just no fun”.

While other people were very suspicious of the couple, one person said, “They are just so specific. I feel like they may be calling out certain people.”