Most people think she didn’t do anything wrong.

One woman is wondering if she’s in the right or wrong with something in her new-enough relationship.

The woman has taken to Reddit’s ‘Am I the A*****e’ (AITA) forum, to ask “AITA for “tricking” my boyfriend into eating vegan?”

(Photo by Vegan Liftz from Pexels)

She explains that she’s been seeing a guy for three and a half months, and told him she is vegan when they first went out for dinner.

He didn’t react much, just said okay and moved on – fine.

However, a problem has since arisen, and it’s to do with home cooking.

The woman has cooked for him several times – always vegan food.

When asked what they’re having she said she never actively hides it, she’ll just say ‘burgers’ etc, and assume he knows that it’s vegan, as she is vegan.

However, this hasn’t worked out.

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Fast forward a bit, and the pair are watching a cooking show – which is using dishes with meat substitutes.

And the man says fake meat is “deceptive and gross”, adding that he’d never eat that.

At this point the woman is confused, and informs him he’s been doing that every time she cooks for him.

And that’s where the trouble appears – he says he didn’t realise and accused her of tricking him into eating something he found disgusting and “forcing” her diet on him.

So, the woman is wondering should she have been more upfront, or was she right to assume he put two and two together?

Most people who commented said she wasn’t in the wrong, and they also questioned why it was only ever her cooking for him.

While others reckon she should part ways with him as it seems he doesn’t pay much attention to her.

But what do you think?