They’re meeting with Government today.

Restaurant and pub groups will call for further easing of restrictions on indoor dining when they meet government officials today.

indoor dining

They’ve been allowed serve inside their businesses since Monday of last week.

But that’s limited to fully vaccinated adults, those who’ve recovered from Covid, and their children.

There is also a  rule saying they must shut the doors by 11:30pm.

They argue making all close at the same time is causing congestion on public transport.

The Restaurants Association of Ireland (RAI) are to meet Government officials tomorrow.

They’ll discuss the rule along with a “phased wind-down of restrictions”.

CEO Adrian Cummins said they definitely want a change to the closing rule.

“We need the 11.30pm curfew lifted to pre-Covid trading hours. It’s causing congestion of public transport at night when everybody piles out on to the streets in towns and villages trying to get taxis and public transport at the same time so it’s counter-intuitive to where we want to get to,” he told the Irish Independent .