A helping hand so you can play your part.

We’re all hearing a LOT of talk now about the environment.

We know there are both big and small things that can be done to help protect the environment.

And one of those things starts in your own home: waste management.

But do you ever feel like there are lots of separation rules when it comes to waste and you just can’t keep track of everything?

It’s easy to get confused or even a little bit lazy when it comes to disposing of different items.

Well, that’s where MyWaste comes in!

MyWaste is Ireland’s official guide to managing your waste.

And they’re bringing those tips to you with their Food Waste Separation Roadshow.

via MyWaste.ie

This Wednesday 17th, they’re inviting us to Laois County Council headquarters in Portlaoise to learn all about how best to manage our waste.

And they’re even giving out free starter kits including a free food bin!

The starter kits come equipped with a free kitchen caddy, a starter pack of liners and an info booklet.

via MyWaste.ie

The Roadshow has been hugely successful in the past – after their events in 2019, there was a 20% increase in correct food disposal and a decrease in waste contamination.

They’ll be in Portlaoise from 10am-5pm tomorrow – and they’ve got multiple other dates and locations booked in for November.

To check out more on this Roadshow and others, head on over to MyWaste.ie.