It’s to combat rising energy costs.

Every household in the country could get 100 euro off their energy bill in the new year.

The plans are going before cabinet on Tuesday to try and reduce the cost on households from spiralling bills.

ALONE says the average increase across all suppliers for electricity has been over €489 and €284 for gas.

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The Irish Examiner reports that all two million homes will receive the credit in January.

And that’s regardless of income.

Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe has not ruled out a further credit in February if fuel prices remain high.

However, he said he expects costs to reduce as we move through next year.

The annual rate of inflation rose to 5.3% in November.

That’s the highest level in 20 years – it hasn’t been this high since June 2001.

Because of 35 increases in energy prices since the start of the year, several government departments are developing a plan which will see the €100 credit applied to domestic bills only, the Irish Examiner reports.

It’s also reported that commercial premises will not be eligible.