This has ‘The Hangover’ written all over it.

Arguably not the best search effort…

Local media reported that Beyhan Mutlu was believed to be missing last Tuesday.

The Daily Sabah website says the man had wandered away from his friends in a forest while drunk.

Once his wife and friends weren’t able to get in touch with him, they reported him as missing.

And a search group formed to aid authorities find the “missing” person.

Well, apparently, so-called missing person, Mr Mutlu, later joined that group.

Sky news report that when members of the search party began calling out his name, he replied: “I am here.”

He then had to give a statement before being driven home safely.

The Daily Sabuh have given an update with a reaction from the man:

“When one of my friends couldn’t find me, he reported me as missing to the gendarmerie. There really was no need for that.

“I had changed my phone. That’s why the gendarmerie could not reach me when they called. I woke up at around 5 a.m. I thought there was an accident on the road. I saw the search party looking for a missing person. I also took part in the search.

“Then they called my name, ‘Beyhan Mutlu’. I said, ‘Oh, that’s me.’

“Basically, I’m paying for my friends’ mistakes. What happened is all like a joke,” he lamented.