It was announced yesterday that Marian Finucane had died suddenly at the age of 69.



Marian Finucane is being remembered as someone women trusted to open up to and share their story.

Books of condolence have opened at RTÉ and Kildare County Council, after the 69-year-old broadcaster passed away in her sleep yesterday at her home near Naas.

Tonight’s Late Late Show will feature a special tribute, with contributions from friends and colleagues.

Head of RTÉ Radio 1, Tom McGuire, says she changed radio for women in the late 1970s:

“Telecommunications weren’t really of any great stature at the time but the letters were significant and once the letters began, women felt they could tell their story. More importantly they felt they had someone who could listen, because before that radio was about telling you, it was about talking to you, it was about ‘listen to me’, but Marian Finucane said ‘I’ll listen to you’.”