It’s a day to celebrate at iRadio

Latest JNLR figures show iRadio now has 181,000 daily listeners – that’s 347,000 people tuning in every single week!

It means, with a market share of 8.7% – we are now the most listened too music station for listeners across 15 counties.

iRadio CEO Mark Cunning said 

“It’s a great day to be the boss at iRadio. 

This book shows  growth across all key metrics for iRadio.  We’ve seen an increase in daily listening, average quarter hour and a record high in market share at 8.3% in short, more people are listening to iRadio..

I’m thrilled to see the progress we’ve made in our key 15-34 and 20-44 demographics, most notably  in the Laois/Offaly/Westmeath, Galway and Donegal where we’ve made huge gains.

At iRadio, good enough is never good enough.  Our team are constantly working to evolve and improve our output for our audience across our 15 countries in the west, north west, north east & Midlands. Today they’ve seeing the reward for that work. Lots done, loads to do! “

This report is the first full 12 month report since the start of the pandemic and confirms that Irish radio is alive an kicking! (Source : IPSOS MRBI JNLR 2022-2 (July21’-June ‘22))

It Radio enjoys huge audience numbers with 91.2% of Irish adults and 87.1% of 15-34 year olds listening to radio every week.

The daily listenership levels are also hugely impressive with 79% of adults and 69% of 15-34 year olds listening to radio each weekday.

These listenership levels are all the more impressive when compared to daily user levels for the main tech platforms as reported by the Ipsos Social Media Tracker.

It shows that Facebook only has 34% of adults using its platform daily, Instagram, 30% of adult users daily and Tik Tok with 12% using the platform each day.

Ciaran Cunningham CEO Radiocentre Ireland said

I am delighted that the JNLR listenership data released today shows clearly the huge power and popularity of radio among the Irish population. Radio delivers unrivalled audience numbers on a daily and weekly basis. Radio listening is booming and today’s figures are a great reminder that Irish radio is a central part of people’s lives. As a commercial medium, radio gives brands a way to speak to millions of people every day”.