The Cork farmer has become a real hit on Twitter.

If you’re well-engaged with the Irish farming community, chances are you follow the IrelandsFarmers twitter account.

If not, don’t worry, here’s the craic.

Basically, every week a different Irish farmer takes over the account and gives updates on what they’re up to on the farm.

Sounds very wholesome doesn’t it?

And this week’s star of the account has truly caught people’s attention with his charm and humour.

Cork mixed livestock farmer, Conor Sheahan, has taken the reins and people are just loving him.

One post in particular really got a lotta love recently when Conor shared his antics “fooling the sheep”.

Take a look for yourself:

We really enjoy his little evil giggle at the end.

And with over 28K views we’re not the only ones!

Conor has also been giving updates on his Wagyu heifers – which are a breed of cattle for anyone who’s a bit confused.

And he even shared the news of a birth on his farm this week:

It seems to be a family affair too with Conor getting “the auld lad Jerry” involved.

We might just click follow on the IrelandFarmers and Conor’s own account.