Going grey?

It’s something we all want to put off for as long as possible – going grey.

But it’s inevitable.

Although, you can certainly dye your hair to your heart’s content to cover it up, but they’ll still be there deep down…

So when you see a grey hair, what’s your initial thought?

Probably to pluck it right?

Well, apparently you shouldn’t do that, and here’s why.

According to Real Simple magazine, the tweezers just aren’t doing you any good.

While there is a myth that if you pluck a grey hair, more will appear around it, it is apparently just that – a myth.

Hair stylist, Trey Gillen, says, “The surrounding hairs will not turn white until their own follicles’ pigment cells die.”

She adds that “plucking a grey hair will only get you a new grey hair in its place.”

So using the tweezers is pretty much pointless because you’re essentially just delaying the inevitable.

But maybe you want that delay? – well unfortunately it’s doing more harm than good.

“Plucking can traumatise the hair follicle, and you can damage the follicle to the point where it will no longer grow any hair,” says Gillen.

Surely grey hair is better than no hair right!??

“If you’re a serial ‘plucker’, repeated ‘plucking trauma’ can even cause infection, scar formation, and bald patches,” adds Gillen.

So yeah, you could be facing hair loss and/or thinner hair.