After all these years…

Whether you’re having a busy week or are just feeling a bit lazy, dry shampoo is such a life-saver.

A staple in many people’s handbag, car, wherever!

But apparently, we may all be making a big mistake when it comes to how we use the handy tool.

That’s according to one TikTok user anyway.

Rachel Bowling (@rtebowling) regularly posts beauty tips and tricks and this latest one might just be our favourite.

In her video, which has almost 20k likes, she explains what she finds the best way to use dry shampoo.

Basically, it’s all about timing.

Rachel recommends against using dry shampoo right before the greasy-phase.

Instead, she says we need to use it after our first wash (when it’s dry).

@rtebowlingAre you making this mistake? ##dryshampoo ##dryshampoohack ##dryshampootutorial♬ original sound – SONY.S.

And lots of people are commenting that they’ve now tried the hack and have enjoyed the difference it’s made!

“I did this for the first time not long ago and my hair lasted a week!!”

While another person called it “LIFE CHANGING”.

A few people have mixed opinions and are not fully convinced.

While some are also recommending using it the night before you think you’ll need it.

There was another tip hidden in the comments that said baby powder also works a treat if you’re out of dry shampoo.

Good to know! We’ll definitely try these tips out!