Covid-19 restrictions are being blamed for the backlog.

New figures show that 106,000 people are waiting to take their driving test here.

There’s also a further 130,000 waiting for their driver theory test.

The Irish Daily Mail reports that Covid 19 restrictions have led to the backlog.

The Road Safety Authority has allocated extra resources to deal with the waiting list.

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Well, the drivers license part, not the heartbroken bit!

They expect to have the waiting time reduced to 10 weeks by early next year.

In May, the Transport Minister had said that the current driving test and theory test waiting lists could be cleared within four months as restrictions ease.

However, there is more waiting now than there was at the time of his comments.

At the time, the Irish Times reported that there were 72,000 learner drivers waiting for driving tests and an estimated backlog of 120,000 theory tests.