Some people may need to learn some good dating etiquette.

(Photo by Marina Abrosimova from Pexels)

The world of dating can be many things – fun, scary, awkward, the list goes on.

Sometimes the person you’re on a first date with just isn’t for you, and you can’t quite put your finger on it.

But other times you know exactly what turned you off.

Well, people have taken to Reddit to share some of their worst dating disasters after one person asked “What’s the biggest red flag you’ve seen on a first date?”

There were some really awful answers, with some very weird stuff.

Here are some of the most common turn-offs for people.

Talking too much.

Some people just don’t know when to shut up.

Of course, it might be a nervous tick, but when you spend an hour with someone and barely say seven words, then there’s probably something amiss.

One person said they saw this happen to someone and it was so bad that other people around them easily noticed.

Creepy behaviour.

Obviously this is a red flag.

An alarming amount of responses revolved around people showing up at your house after the date even though you never gave an address.

While another person described an ordeal where she was driven to a forest – she got out of the car and just walked away at this point.

Being pushy.

One person described a date where her date was very pushy.

Even though she was allergic to shellfish, her date shoved some in her mouth for her to try.

After that, she left – she signed off the comment “If they can’t take no at the table, I’m not going anywhere with them.”

Ex issues.

Eventually when you’re with someone, you’ll find out about their ex’s somehow – whether from accidentally stalking their Insta or they slip up and mention them.

While this is inevitable in most cases, you likely don’t want to hear stories and stories about an ex-relationship.

One person’s date went way too far by reading out some old texts from his ex, and asking his date, “do you think this means she still likes me?”.

While anothereven met her date’s wife – who he was separated from – but this is too much really, right??