Slightly less serious than red…

When it comes to dating, you’ve probably heard of “red flags”.

Essentially they are big signs that the person you’re dating shows that give you the hint that things may not work out.

It could be things like they are controlling or selfish.

But apparently, there’s another colour flag to watch out for.

And it’s pink.

That’s right, Tyla report that pink is the new red, and although not as serious, it’s to be watched out for.

Pink flags are not as obvious, they’re more simple and subtle – things you’ll likely shrug off.

Examples include watching too much TV, as it could suggest you’ve run out of things to talk about.

Other “pink flags” could be not wanting to feature on your social media – not a great sign if they’re reluctant to be pictured with you.

One you probably didn’t expect is not arguing could be a pink flag.

However, if you’re getting worried about your relationship having read this, don’t panic.

Jessica Alderson, the relationship expert and co-founder of dating app So Synced says they’re more “minor areas of concern”.

Being aware of them so that you can address them is key, because they do have the potential to boil over into something bigger.

So pink flags is the new dating phenomenon for us in 2022.