Ooooh karma?

Dating can be tough – and while you might be nervous to put yourself out there, it can sometimes work out.

But the important thing is not just to put yourself out there, it’s to just put yourself alone out there.

By that we mean, don’t bring loads friends along on a date with you.

Photo by Ron Lach from Pexels

Now, we understand you may want a back-up nearby, someone to make sure you’re safe, etc.

But we’ve come across someone who brought his four friends along on the ACTUAL date.

He planned a date with a girl, then booked a big table and had his friends join the date, without telling his date.

We heard the story through the girl who he was dating, TikTok user, @pagebryanofficial.

She put up a video, which now has almost 30,000 likes.

In it, she explains how she met the guy out, didn’t talk much but felt a “vibe” so got each others numbers and planned a date.

Paige shows up and is brought to a table set for 6 people – she reckons it’s weird but doesn’t question the restaurant.

After 10 minutes, she spots her fella – accompanied by 4 men, his friends.

At this stage she’s a bit confused, but even more so when they all join the table.

However, this story kind of has a happy ending – as long as you’re not routing for guy.

Turns out, Paige’s original date is not her cup of tea, but one of his friends IS.

Check out her full story here:

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Video via TikTok @paigebryanofficial.