Students are voicing their concerns.

On The Hub, we covered the situation for this semester’s college exams

There have been calls for college exams this year to remain online, with many students voicing concerns about the possibility of them being in person.

At the time of writing, NUI Galway has emailed students that exams for this semester will be held in person.

A number of covid measures will be in place including reduced capacity and improved ventilation.

However, some students are concerned as the university has also said that if students have any Covid symptons, have tested positive or are awaiting results then they should not attend in person.

This means they would have to defer their exams until April, which is also around the time semester 2 exams begin.

Louise asked college students to get in touch to have their say, and there were some mixed opinions.

She also spoke to masters student Harry McCann, and he said that the method is there for online exams and it should be used while case numbers remain high.

Have a listen here:

Meanwhile, on our Instagram and Twitter, we’ve been asking you to have your say.

We asked you “How would you prefer to do your college exams?”

On our Instagram, hundreds more of you answered the same poll.

Throughout both polls, the results remained quite consistent – over a third wanted online exams while the remainder said they’d prefer in person ones.

There’s also a petition online too which has almost 1,000 signatures so far.