Sure mothers do know best!

When it comes to household things, a lot of the time we may turn to our dear mothers to help us out.

We may think it’s a stereotype but we bet you’d take your mum’s advice on cooking, cleaning, etc without hesitation.

So we can see why this clothing tag decided to take that information on.

A Twitter user posted a clothing tag with washing instructions and it’s actually hilarious – we weren’t sure it was even real.

While the tag does give the usual washing instructions, it also adds some very real and funny advice.

After the symbols and guide, it adds “or give it to your mama, she knows how to do it”.

As well as that, the tweeter points out some other unwanted advice:

“Always wash your butt”

Take a look for yourself:

Let’s face it, we probably all do look at instructions, but an Irish mum usually would have her own secret guidance.

And who are we to question that?