Or maybe you want them to know you spent a fortune??

There’s Christmas in the air – a time of colourful lights, jolly times and presents.

But also a time full of mishaps.

A OnePoll survey aimed to find out just what are our most common mistakes during the festive season, and turns out there are quite a few!

And the act of giving presents featured quite a few times in the top few.

Image via pixabay

The most common mishap, according to 2,000 participants, was leaving prices on gifts.

And we can’t help but wonder are people doing it on purpose…

If you spent €100+, chances are you’ll want them to know, right!?

But not so much with that cheap bath set you got for €3.99…

Next on the top list of UK people’s Christmas mistakes is running out of wrapping paper.

Image via pixabay.com

There’s probably hacks on how to be more efficient with paper so maybe it’s time to check them out.

Number four on the list also revolved around gift-giving and is a red-in-the-face moment if there ever was one!

It’s not getting someone a present who’ve made a huge effort for you…. time to search the house for an un-opened perfume set??

We skipped number three because it wasn’t gift-related, but it’s along those lines, in post form.

The 3rd most common mistake was not sending cards on time.

Speaking of which, head over to An Post’s website to check this year’s deadlines for parcels, etc.

Other mishaps to make the top few that caught our eye include drinking too much on Christmas Eve and ending up hungover on the 25th.

Or another one is settling in to a movie with the whole family and not realising there were awkward sex scenes in it…

You can check out the full list from the survey commissioned by Warner’s Distillery on swns digital.