What do you think?

Let’s set the scene: you’re out for a meal enjoying the company of those at your table.

You can’t help but notice there’s a noisy kid at the table next to you, clearly disrupting most the restaurant.

Their parents are ignoring them, so maybe you do too.

But then the kid starts roaming around the place, and low and behold they’re beside you.

And picking up, let’s say your hat, which is on the chair next to you.

And they put it on.

What do you do?

Laugh awkwardly and hope a guardian of some kind notices and puts a stop to it?

But what if they don’t – do you take matters into your own hands and tell the kid what’s what?

Well, that’s what one woman has done, and she’s taken to Reddit to see if it was the right thing to do.

Basically, the women told the 9/10 year old to “give that back, right now”.

She continued then by saying, “it is extremely rude to take other people’s things without asking, don’t do that again.”

This is when his mother came over and told her angrily to leave her son alone.

She informed the mum of what had happened, and the mum replied by telling her she shouldn’t stick her nose in and that as he’s “just a kid”.

She added that she should have just let him play with the hat, or asked for it back nicely without scolding him.

Almost 500 people pitched in their thoughts, and most agreed with the women adding they’d be “embarrassed” if their kid did something like this.