Earlier than you’d think!

Getting to sleep is a fickle thing.

One night you may struggle to sleep and end up scrolling through reels till 2:34am.

While other nights you’re conked before 9:30pm.

There’s always going to be experts and people telling you when to sleep…

And there’s even online calculators you can use to help decide what time is best.

But a new study has found that there is a particular time to close those eyes that’ll benefit your health.

We’d imagine not too many people get to sleep at this time, unless you’re on for an early work shift.

Apparently, going to sleep regularly between 10 and 11 o’clock at night lowers the risk of heart disease compared to other bedtimes.

Researchers at the University of Exeter examined over 88,000 people as part of the study.

They found those who nod off at midnight or later are at a 25 percent greater risk of cardiovascular disease.

The study also found the link is stronger in women.

The study was carried out over 6 years, according to tyla.com, and involved giving a wristwatch to the 88,000 people.

Researches then checked the heart and circulatory health of them regularly and monitored their results.

3,000 of participants developed cardiovascular disease, with the vast majority of these cases occurring on volunteers who went to bed well after or before the optimum time of 10pm and 11pm.