Some people aren’t buying it.

1,539 Retweets, 893 Quote Tweets and 27.6K Likes – that’s what one man’s gotten on twitter for posting his “apology” to his “missus”

And it’s dividing the internet in more ways than one.

Is it funny… or backward?

Is it real… or fake?

Whatever it is, it’s got people talking.

The man allegedly got himself into trouble with his other half, and is not quite sure why.

So, he decided to write an apology note, and get her flowers, chocolates and, oh yeah, tampons.

He apparently figured seeing as he doesn’t understood what he did wrong, it must be that time of the month.

People are finding it funny, others are angry at it.

But a lot of people are simply not buying it.

Which is bringing up a whole other argument.

As people are claiming his handwriting isn’t manly enough, so they reckon a woman must have written it and it’s just a photo set up for internet attention.

We’re not sure, what do you think?