Could you lose your phone for 48 hours?

A internet provider are offering one lucky person $1,000 (€844) to try a “digitally detox”.

Satellite Internet is going to pay one applicant to spend 48 hours living in a camper can at the U.S. national park without any internet or phone service.

The company said on their website:

“Have you found yourself gazing down at your phone’s screen time report asking, “I spent how much time scrolling through social media?” More of us than ever are working and staying at home during the pandemic.

This means we’re logging far more screen time than usual, leading to “Zoom fatigue” and less time staying active.”

According to, the company will also cover the cost of renting the camper for the two-day adventure.

The company which is based in Salt Lake City said it will allow the winner to have an internet hotspot to share their experience online.

Applicants must be over the age of 25 and hold a valid drivers license.

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