The fan has set up a campaign, which has over 600 signature so far.

mcdonalds sundae

Image via McDonald’s

A McDonald’s fan has launched a campaign calling on the fast food company to bring back its ice cream sundae.

McDonald’s formally axed their beloved eurosaver ice-cream sundaes back in the summer of 2018.

The sundae is no longer available in Ireland, however can be found in McDonald’s branches in other countries.

Andrea Horan set up the change-dot-org campaign, which has over 600 signatures so far:

‘There I was, taking things for granted when the sundaes were in Ireland, and then they were taken away, obviously heartbroken at the time, but then as I started travelling around going to Europe I’d go there and see the sundae mocking me from the menu going this is what you can’t have’. 

‘So I’d order the Sunday there and taste this deliciousness and really desire it more’.