One word … how?

One man in Kentucky is going viral. It’s after he accidentally bought his wife turnips instead of tulips for Valentine’s Day.

Nina Harris told her husband Allan that she’d love some tulips this Valentine’s Day.

Allan greeted her early on Valentine’s Day morning telling his dear wife that her gift had arrived.

However, there was a minor miscommunication:

“When I got up, I had my first cup of coffee, and he said, ‘Oh, your turnips are here!’ And I said, ‘Turnips?!'” Nina told WPVI-TV.

“He wasn’t paying attention,” she added.

Allan did try to make *some* effort with his turnip gift:

“I went and got the bucket and put the turnips in the bucket that says ‘I love you’ on it,” he told the TV network.

All was forgiven though as Allan ended up getting Nina her much-loved tulips, as well as some candy and balloons.

A1 for effort.