Here’s five ways your car can become a date on-the-go

Dinner in a restaurant, a weekend away… Great dates!

But not for people who don’t have much spare time on their hands.

How great would it be if you could organise a date that’s not time restrictive, always accessible and full of endless possibilities…

Well you can. And the answer is sitting in your drive way! Your faithful car.

Not only can it get you from A to B, it can also double as your romantic chaperone!

Here’s five ways how:

1. A sunset drive

Now this is weather pending of course… But there isn’t many more things more romantic than a sunset. And the best place to see one is away from a city or town, right in the heart of nature.

If it’s chilly maybe pack a few blankets, find a spot to park and just bask in the pinky-purply-bluey-orangey majesty that is the sunset.

The best free piece of art the world can offer.

You can’t beat a good sunset

2. The romantic picnic

As we mentioned earlier dinner in a restaurant is grand… But why spend the extra hard-earned when you have your own personal five star restaurant waiting to go?

For a cute spin on your date night dinners, raid the deli section of your local shop, get your favourite love song playlist on standby and shut out the world by taking a drive to a favourite spot of yours and have a picnic on the backseats…

No loud annoying people at the table next to you, to waiters constantly asking ‘how’s everything’ every five minutes. Just you, your car and the serenity.

3.The evening with the stars

Light pollution. It’s a thing. Especially if you live in a larger town like Galway!

How long has it been since you just spent a moment to bask in the glory of the night sky? Again this date requires you, your car and a trip away from the bright lights.

Leave your phones at home, take a load of furry blankets and cushions, throw them on the bonnet (if it’s not freezing or raining) and marvel at all those burning balls of gas frozen in the night sky. It’s the little things.

Romance. Image: Getty

4. The spontaneous ride

There’s something special about the open road. Why not jump in, turn off the SAT NAV, take a few random turns and see where you end up?

You might end up discovering a few hidden gems lurking down side streets you never even knew were there.

Then when it’s time to go home, grab some cheap snacks you know your date will love and start the journey home. Just make sure you remember the way back…

5. The drive-in date

Drive-in cinema’s give off some seriously retro date vibes. Save money by taking your own popcorn and drinks and make sure to pack plenty of blankets for maximum snuggle time.

It’s as comfy as lounging on your own sofa, except it counts as a date because you actually leave the house. WIN. And unlike an indoor cinema, there’s no one there to shush you when you two are cackling at the good bits.

Ah the drive-in…

Good news about that last date idea actually…

Did you know there’s a drive-in cinema coming Galway next month?

Retro Drive-In Movies is setting up the worlds largest outdoor LED Screen at Ballybrit Racecourse in Galway.

And wait until you hear the line up of flicks they have in store!

We’re talking serious nostalgia, with Harry Potter 1, 2 & 3, Scream, Hocus Pocus and The Exorcist, all screening from October 19th-21st

If you’re interested in snuggling up in the back seat, and heading to the drive-in, you can check out screening times and buy tickets HERE.

Date heaven right there.