The latest figures come from the Central Statistics Office.

Image via Pixabay

House prices are increasing at Celtic Tiger levels.

Latest figures from the CSO show prices have increased by 120 per cent since a low in 2013.

Nationally prices have increased by 14 per cent in the year to June, with a median price was 290-thousand euro.

The latest Residential Property Price Index for June is the same level as April 2007.

The least expensive Eircode area over the last 12 months was in Castlerea in Roscommon, with a mean price of almost 126-thousand euro.

The most expensive Eircode was in Blackrock in Dublin were the median price was just over 933-thousand euro.

Managing director of Lisney, David Byrne, says price values aren’t as high as they were during the boom:

“Residential property prices aren’t quite back up where they were in 2006, 2007,” he said.

“In the first-time buyer market they’re not far off it. But as you move up the market, the gap is a little bit wider.”

“There has obviously been a very significant change in the last couple of years.”