As well as hotel room prices, the travel guide advises visitors about high car rental costs and chaos at the airport.

hotel room prices.  Image shows pillows and part of a bed.

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Lonely Planet is warning tourists coming to Dublin about hotel room shortages, soaring car rental costs, and chaos at the airport.

The travel guide has described hotel room prices in the city as “eye-watering” and says increasing hotel costs are wreaking havoc with travellers’ budgets.

It is also advising people to make it to the airport in plenty of time, saying Dublin Airport has been “plagued by long lines at security in recent weeks.”

Tourists are being advised to book restaurants in advance, with Lonely Planet saying that on weekends you will have as much chance scoring the winning Lotto ticket as bagging a walk-in in a city centre restaurant.

However, the travel guide says Dublin is a city that thrives on its reputation for craic, and you shouldn’t need help finding any.