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Homework needs to evolve or die.

That’s the view of one school principal, following a suggestion from President Michael D Higgins that homework should be scrapped.

He said “time in school… should get finished in school.”

“People should be able to use their time for other creative things.”

“I think as much as possible that it should happen in the school and I think it’s more relaxed than it used to be.”

It’s reignited the debate about whether or not there are any benefits.

Principal of Carlow Educate Together primary school, Simon Lewis, says while a blanket ban may not be the way forward, Ireland does need to re-evaluate its outdated attitude:

“Everything else has evolved in education, there shouldn’t be anything different with homework. It needs to evolve or die, like most things.”

“If homework is becoming a detrimental thing, it’s of no positive impact to children then it definitely needs to go.”

“But before we kill it, I think we need to examine it and see if there are benefits if we do things differently.”