Ireland’s rate of diagnosis was three time higher than EU average last year



A new mobile HIV screening service has been launched in Ireland

The service will provide rapid screening in Dublin and surrounding counties.

Last year, the rate of diagnosis in Ireland was over three times higher than the EU average.

Executive Director of HIV Ireland, Stephen O’Hare, says everyone should get tested:

“Everybody has a HIV status, that’s the most important thing to know. For the vast majority of people they will be HIV negative but for the people who don’t know they’re living with HIV, it’s important that you get tested.”

He continued, “In order to find and insure that everybody who is living with HIV knows their status. So, we would always encourage people to get a HIV and STI test regularly to know their sexual health.”

Recently, Ireland also teamed up with Grindr in a bid to get more men to test themselves for the virus.

It’s hoped the discreet nature of ordering a test through the app will allow more men to avoid the stigma of asking for a HIV test.