People are spending up to €200 to help them to get to sleep

Some of us wear an eye mask to block out the light when we sleep.

But new to the market are eye masks that can sing you a lullaby or give you a massage to help you to nod off.

The ‘smart’ masks claim to help us to snooze by enlisting the support of other senses.

These senses are touch, heat and sound which can add to the relaxing environment.

People are forking out up to €200 on the high-tech gizmos.

Studies have shown a 60% increase in sleep problems since the pandemic.

It’s no wonder people are opting for this futuristic gadget.

Sammy Margo from The Good Sleep Guide said:

“Try the tech options but don’t lose sight of the other factors, such as your bedtime routine, diet and screen time, which may affect quality and quantity of sleep.”