Your bed should be a place of peace but there are things that your significant other does there that can drive you nuts.

Mattress company Leesa did a survey to find out what annoys men and women in the bedroom.

At the top of the list for both guys and ladies, arguing.

Everyone is annoyed when their spouse or friends with benefits start an argument while in bed.

68% of women get annoyed when their partner eats in bed, with 68% of men in agreement.

73% of women were annoyed when their partner farted in bed, but this figure was lower for the lads, at 56%.

Women are more bothered when their partner steals the covers.

Talking on the phone in bed as well as burping can also cause some tension.

Talking on the phone causes upset for both parties too, with 80 per cent of women and 78 per cent of men saying it irriates them.