A hairdressing expert has shared some tips on how best to maintain those healthy locks. 

If your hair is dry or damaged – you might want to listen to some of these tips from an expert.

The Hair Girl, who regularly posts tips on TikTok, has some tips and wisdom to share for a head of healthy hair.

The first is advising against wearing hair in a sleek bun or ponytail ‘more than once in a blue moon’.

She says it can cause ‘traction alopecia’ and damage hair follicles due to the pull placed on the hair.

The second tip is never using straighteners or curlers that are above 200 degrees as it could cause heat damage.


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Thirdly, when shampooing hair, The Hair Girl recommends using shampoo TWICE when in the shower.

“You need to shampoo your hair twice in order to get the benefits from your shampoo,” she told the Daily Mirror.

The final bit of advice is not using hair elastics like bobbins. She recommends using claw clips or something similar.