Sinn Féin’s warning the Government that it is driving the homeless crisis to a level nobody ever thought was possible.

It came during the Dáil debate on a Sinn Fein motion which seeks to extend the eviction ban, which will be voted on this afternoon.

The Government is on course to win the vote after the regional group of Independent TD’s agreed to support it.

However Sinn Fein’s Housing spokesperson, Éoin O’ Broin, described it as the worst decision of all.

‘For those of us old enough to remember when Margaret Thatcher withdrew free milk in schools in Britain , Thatcher Thatcher the milk snatcher that was the campaign slogan.  John Bruton and VAT on children’s shoes, almost brought down a government, that is your legacy.  That is what people will associate with the name Darragh O Brien, the Minister who increased homelessness.’