A girl got a little more than she bargained for after she left her dress behind at a fella’s house.

21 year-old Lillie Haines was having a little Facebook creep of the mum of Sam, a guy she had a fling with.

However, she was shocked to see pictures of Caroline Eastwood in the exact H&M black dress which Lillie had left behind in Sam’s bedroom.

Lillie joked about her discovery on Facebook and Twitter:

Images via Twitter

The best part is yet to come though.

Sam’s mam, Caroline, saw Lillie’s post on Facebook and gave a sassy reply to it:

“Oops that was me!! Jealousy is an ugly trait! Get over it girls I am impressed I can wear a 19/20 yr old dress and look so much better in it!!”

The pair had a bit of back and forth on Facebook. Lillie told Metro that she found the whole thing “hilarious” and “just can’t get her head round it”.

Neither can we hun.