“I wanted to jump on him but he had a bucket of KFC.”

Gemma Collins has confessed that she has a major crush on Westlife’s Brian McFadden.

The TOWIE star made the admission on last night’s episode of Living with Lucy.

Gemma told host Lucy Kennedy that Brian “should have been mine.”

In an episode that had viewers in stitches, the 37 year said she once searched Temple Bar thinking she’d find the singer there.

But in an unexpected turn of events, the Dubliner ended up in her apartment.

“Well, it does get better. He’s actually been in this apartment. I wanted to jump on him but he had a bucket of KFC…that’s not the reason I wanted to jump on him.”

“So, I’m thinking ‘Mate, forget The KFC. How am I going to get McFadden into the bedroom?’ Because I want to fulfil this lifelong dream of making love to Brian McFadden.”

Errr…OK Gemma. Each to their own and all that.